It Aint Over Yet!!!

This video made me shed some tears. Sometimes we look at other people and wonder why their lives is so much better than ours or "appear" to be better than ours. We think God has given up on us and that only "certain" people are blessed but we must remember that everything happens for a reason! God works on his time so that his time will be perfect for our time. Every blessing that we received comes at the right moment. We to shall have our moment in life too :)

Simply Believe

Today I woke up with an defeated attitude. A family member was getting on my nerves. I was highly aggravated and I had some concerns about my current relationship. My whole attitude was just off and on top of that my laptop went bad with a virus and got the blue screen of death!!!!!! (yikes)!!!!!!

I  started getting highly aggravated but something inside of me told me to calm down and pray and believe. I started praying. I told the lord that I currently do not have the funds to get a new laptop right now so I need for this laptop to work. I just talked and talked to him like he was one of my best friends. 

Usually if you get the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH on your computer, which is when all of your files go wrong and your computer shuts down to protect itself, (or least I think so) you have to take it to a professional if you are not a technology nerd. This situation happened to my last laptop and there was nothing that I could do about it. I just ended up purchasing a new laptop (my current one) because the keys were missing and the battery was dying on the old one anyway. I thought the same thing would happen with this laptop today also. 

I was like omg in my head but, something in me would not give up. I went to the recovery system option and it kept kicking me out. I just calmly kept trying. My battery is currently weak on my laptop so, it kept dying out but I kept trying. After about 2 hours of tussling with it I finally got in and the restore system started loading. It kept freezing up but I kept lightly tapping it and telling the lord that I know he's able. The restore system loaded fully and my computer was able to properly start. Boy was I happy (big smiley face), lol. 

The whole moral of this story is that when something is going wrong in your life don't let it frustrate you. Simply stay calm, believe, and know that God will work it out. Even though my situation was not a huge massive deal, it was big enough to allow me to see the bigger picture. It allowed me to have even a larger perspective on the power of believing. It opened me up to a broader understanding of the transformation from negative to positive thinking and what it can do. 

Believe, believe, believe, because that is what faith is all about!


Closer, and Closer to him

Last night was about "The Power in the P" with Shanel Cooper Sykes. Check out my last post if you want the link to her website so that you can join her 7 day Valuable Woman Challenge. She talked about how the most powerful women are always on their knees in PRAYER! Tonight she will be talking "Beauty". So I think that this topic will be very interesting. She will also be showing a UK replay of last nights topic on spirituality at 3:00pm eastern time today, so go to her site and register so that you want miss it because there will be no replays unless you pay afterwards! ITS FREE!! All of her info is in my last post! Check it out!

Moving along, last night was a powerful class. It made me realize that even though I have been getting closer to God, my relationship with him is not as strong as I would like it to be. We talked about the steps to understanding spirituality and how God works. The first step was about WORDS and how we are always speaking things into existence. Its a form of prayer because that is how powerful they are. Our words can carry positive or negative energy and if the words coming out of our mouth is negative 90 percent of the time then our lives, most likely are negative. I elaborate on that more in my previous post so check it out!

The next step was FAITH. She explained how so many people think that faith is about asking God for something and just sitting back waiting while doing nothing to help themselves. Well faith is more than that. GOD MOVES WHEN WE MOVE. Although I had already known this, I realized that I'm not moving enough in order for God to use me like I would like. I now understand what it is that I have to do in order to get myself together so that I can be a vessel for God. 

I understand that I need to start telling God what it is that I am going to do in order to get to where I need to go and when he understands that I am taking purposeful action he can use people and situations to get me to where I need to go. So many people think that a light bulb is going to go off in their heads and soon all their problems will go away immediately and the answers will fall down like a striking light. It does not always work in that way. God works through people and circumstances, so you have to make yourself aware of your surroundings so that you can know your blessings when they come. 

We elaborated on INTUITION. That small voice inside of us that keeps telling us the answers to all of our questions but, most of us refuse to listen. We listen to everyone else around us though!! They give us all of this advice that sounds so great but we fail to realize that most of these people are in no position to give out advice because their lives are just as jacked up as ours!!! We have to learn to quiet ourselves, be still and listen.  Meditating is a great way to do this. God is always speaking to us. We just have to listen and stop talking and looking for answers outside of us. 

Some of the other steps were keeping our physical bodies and space clean. God can not move through uncleanliness! Your body and house should be clean. Another step was connecting with nature. We are all one with the universe, so going outside to enjoy the weather and suck up the air is not only a major stress reliever but  a way to easily connect with God. 

The number one way (according to Shanel) to connect with God is through LOVE of self and then love of others. Love is the highest vibration in the universe. God is love. When you operate out of love your life will be better. Most of us operate off of fear and although fear is a powerful vibration, it will never exceed or be as strong as the vibration of LOVE!

We have to first love self. We love self just as we love others, by listening to ourselves, inspiring self. and taking care of self. That way our love will overflow into the lives of others and also influence them. You also attract more good things into your life through love. When operating off of fear or any other vibration, it is hard to attract things that we want but, when you raise that vibration closer to love, you attract more. 

Shanel closed her teachings up with a few statements before opening up the chat lines for questions! She stated that we should always be real when coming to God. We should talk to him like we are talking to our home girls on the phone. Let him know what is really going on with us. Do NOT be afraid. We have to think of God as our business partner because truthfully he is the only partner that will be with us for life and your life is YOUR BUSINESS. So handle it with God FIRST and not others who have their own path! 

We should also be opened to knowledge. Although we have much respect and gratitude towards our preachers, love ones, and etc, we should not let our knowledge of  God stop because he has no limits. Do NOT just put him in a box! He is more than that. 

I know he is to me and I realize that he is my number one source in this entire universe. I pray for him to use me until he cant use me anymore! He has a purpose for us all and we should make it our life goals to fulfill those positions!


Change Your Thinking, and You Change Your Life

Last night between 8:00pm until around 10:00pm, hundreds of women and I were online on UStream live with Shanel Cooper Sykes. She is currently having these online classes called "The 7 Day Valuable Woman Challenge" and she is doing it for FREE. All you have to do is go to her website (http://www.shanelcoopersykes.com/main/vyv_broadcast.php) and register. Day 1 was about The mindset. Today is about Spirituality. Sign up so that you can see what the rest of the week will be about. Classes start at 8pm and end around 10pm eastern time. You must have a Ustream account and you must register in order to see her live because replays will not be available unless you pay!

Boy will I tell you. It was a mind opener for me. I realized that, although I have reprogrammed my mind with new knowledge and understanding of life, as well as deprogrammed it with old ways of thinking, I still have a lot of work to do. I am now aware, although I have been working on it, that I still need to change my language. Saying things such as I cant, I would only if, I do not have, Good things only happen to certain people, I'm tired, my life sucks, etc is words filled with negativity. You set yourself up for failure because you will only go as far as what your mind believes. Because before you DO, you have to BELIEVE!

I decided that instead of filling my mind up with negative words, I will fill them up with positive words such as: I can, I have everything I need to get to where I am going, Good things happens to me and opportunity is always flowing my way, I am filled with positive energy and I am exactly where I need to be right now in my life because this learning moment will help me to reach my true destiny. Choosing to use these type of words daily makes me feel so much better and hopefully they empower you also!!

Last night I also realized that I needed to believe that exactly what I want in my life is already mines. You got to believe that you already have that car. If you want a Mercedes Benz, you have to get into your 1999 Honda Accord and ride that Honda like it is that Mercedes Benz with your $2 .00 fake Chanel Sunglasses on and your hair blowing in the wind, (according to Shanel Cooper Sykes..lol). If you want that $200,000 house, you have to go into your one bedroom apartment house and live like you are already in that expensive house. You simply have to live and be like what you want to become. 

Last you have to expect it. Do not continue to expect LACK. Expect GREATNESS. Know that what you want is on its way. Its sort of like when you plan to go to this great party. You say to yourself I am going to look my best.  Matter of fact you already KNOW that you are going to be looking your best 2 seconds after hearing about or being invited to the party. You start to prepare in your head. You picture what type of outfit you will be going for. You picture the hairstyle you are going to wear. You picture the color lipstick and eye makeup that you will do to match the theme of your outfit. You just have it all figured out and you know that you are going to be looking the bomb even though the party is 2 weeks from now. Well that is exactly how we have to be with our lives.

We have to say what we want. Believe that it is coming and prepare and afterwards we just simply expect. God said ask and you shall receive. So after you ask,  you should expect and while you are expecting, get too preparing and, that will be a sign of your belief. I know that I am repeating myself but according to Miss Shanel Cooper Sykes, she says that repetition is the MOTHER of success. I will go as far to say that it is also the MOTHER of failure. What have you been repeating?

I know that what I have been repeating is not a good look and I plan on doing something about it TODAY, even if it is something small because in my opinion, small steps create one huge, massive step! So many of us walk around with a defeatist attitude towards life and seem not to mind. I say why not transform that mindset into a positive attitude and see what results we get that way. I mean what harm can it do?? What have negative thinking done for you in your life? It has done nothing for me personally but cause me misery! Did it make your life better? It made mines worse. Did it give you the results that you have been longing for?

If not, then I think its time for us all to make a change!!!


Is Separation the Key for Negative Family Members??

I am on a certain path in my life. I'm at a point where I am aiming to find my place here on earth. My soul yearns to reach a certain destiny and I am at the point where I am letting NOTHING get in my way. That includes certain family members.

See, sometimes we can love our family members to death but, if their beliefs and way of life does not align with yours, you might have to cut them off for a sec while you get yourself together, and then get back to them after your house is in order!

There are certain family members of mine (close ones at that) whom I love so dearly but, their negative attitude and behavior have caused me to distant myself mentally. I am currently in a position where I cannot as of yet distant myself physically but, I am at the point where I am heavily thinking about doing so when I am able.

For me this is a very complicated situation. One of the most complicated situations in my life that I have been in as of yet! It burdens my heart when the ones that is suppose to love me the most does not inspire, encourage, or support my dreams or aspirations. The ones that is suppose to have my back to the end are the ones who discourage and down me the most. The ones whom I am suppose to trust the most is the ones who I distrust more than a stranger, because they go behind my back and stab it while ringing the knife around in it. 

Although this situation has been very painful, I am now in a healing process. Like I said in my previous post about forgiveness, you cannot put to much trust in another human being, because you are putting them in a God like position when this is done! This also includes family.  Although their family may not be perfect, few people tend to have a pretty close knit bond and understanding with their family but, for most, this is not the reality. 

Although very painful several of us have to come to the understanding that sometimes family will hurt you more than any stranger out in the streets could ever do. We have to come to the conclusion that sometimes, you cant change people. People have to want change for themselves and when that includes family, we have to learn to forgive, move on, and realize that everyone have their own life path where they must learn. 

I think the biggest lesson out of this situation for me is that the only person who I can depend on in this life is God and myself. You cannot always depend on others to back you in your situations. You cannot always depend on others to inspire you and you sure as heck cannot always depend on others to love you the way that you want to be loved. So with that being said, you must learn to love self, depend on self and know that God will have your back to the end of it all!

If you are in a position where there is no reasonable solution, then separating yourself for a while and going through a healing process may be the only option. I would tell no one to abandon their love ones unless the situation involved physical abuse (such as sexual assaults, beatings etc), but I will say that sometimes you do have to separate yourself from certain situations for a while. Just to get you in order because constant beating downs of the mental can leave you feeling so low and dry. When being in a position like that, there is little room for positive solutions. 

I feel myself having to do this if things do not change with certain family members of mines. Yes it will be hard and I know that their is a big chance that guilt may sneak in, but I know that in order for me to better myself and reach my destiny, this might be what I have to do. It will be a tough decision but I feel like it will be best. It might also teach those certain love ones that they cannot go around treating others like this because it may result in them losing people who actually care for them.

Take a stand by loving you first because no one, besides God is going to love you better than what you feel for yourself!


Do It For Yourself

I was currently in a situation in my life where I was aiming to move on from the things that close love ones had done to me in the past! This included family, friends, a lover, etc. For some people forgiveness comes naturally, but for me, it didn't. Things got so bad that I was even considering revenge, but deep down inside, I knew that in the end, the person who would be hurt the most would be me. 

The truth of the matter is that sometimes I believe that we hold on to what other's have done to us because we put so much trust in other human beings. We fail to realize that these are people, and putting too much trust in another human is putting them on a God like pedestal. When we do this we are really setting ourselves up for failure because just like ourselves, these people are going to make mistakes! 

Before I had a wake up call about a week ago, I had previously spent so much time being angry with love ones. Constantly planning how I was was going to permanently remove them from my life. I often asked myself, how could they do this to me? I remember repeatedly asking myself why me? why me? why me?

 That last time I asked myself why me was last Sunday! That was the day that I had a wakeup call! I was so down that all I started to do was pray. I just prayed and asked God to help me. I asked him to give me the strength to get through this! Forgiveness was the hardest thing for me to do emotionally but I knew deep down inside that I could get through it and I was right! God had answered my prayers immediately.

 I had been listening to this YouTuber who goes by the name of Lebonandi (check out her page 
http://www.youtube.com/user/Lebonandi), and I had become drawn to her spirit and her positive energy that she projected from the inside. I decided to write her asking her about forgiveness and she returned her answer by responding with a YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X41YH0hna14) which woke me the hell up! 

After viewing that video, I realized that I was tired of being angry. I was sick of crying. I was done with worrying and I was so over with feeling sorry for myself. I  decided that it was time for a change. See a lot of the time, we spend so much time being angry with people who have probably moved on with their lives. Who probably do not care that they hurt us. Sometimes they think that they were not wrong and some do not even know that they hurt us. So we have to move on with our lives. Not for those who have wronged us but for ourselves. 

We have to move on because when we do, we take control of our lives. When someone consumes your mind all day in a negative way, they have control over your mental. You might as well say that, that person owns your mind!!!! I will admit that it is NOT easy to get over certain situations (child molestation, being cheated on, abandonment, betrayal, etc)  but it is something that we MUST do in order to get to the direction that we are trying to go in our lives. 

That Sunday, Lebonandi's video woke me up and it did not stop there!! I was on Facebook and for some reason I decided to Like Shanel Cooper Sykes page (A life coach whom videos Ive been watching for a couple of months on YouTube, Check her out http://www.youtube.com/user/shanelcooper ). She had mentioned something about midnight meditation. Where a group of people all over the world call in toll free to have a meditation session with her.

Everything seemed to fall in place because God was really working that night. Shanel wrote a comment asking people what did they need prayer for. I wrote "Strength". Because I really needed the strength to get through that down moment that I was having and to learn to forgive. I called in that night and to my surprise, the meditation session was all about strength!!! Boy was God working in my favor. We meditated and prayed for strength to get through the hard times that we were going through, knowing that God was going to be there every step of the way and that those hard moments would pass!

That night I went to bed with a different outlook on life and forgiveness. I realized that I had been putting to much energy into people who probably was not even worrying about me or my feelings. I realized that I forgot about what it is that I should have been truly focusing on, which was my LIFE PURPOSE! I went to bed with so much gratitude because God was there for me and I felt his presence! 

PEOPLE LEARN TO FORGIVE. Do not do it for those who hurt you but, for yourself. Because to be truthfully honest, when you choose not to forgive, you end up hurting yourself far more than the people who actually hurt you from the beginning!


"Words of Wisdom"

When I need some "Words of Wisdom", these are some of the many videos that I come to. Sometimes when your aspirations in life is different from those around you, you feel alone. Family and friends are not going to always see things the way you see them when it comes to life. Especially when you are trying to go places in life that no one around you have ever went. 




EXPRESSIONS....................Through out my life I have looked for many different ways to express myself but, one of the most effective ways in which I do so is through writing. I have countless of thoughts running through my head on a daily basis and sometimes I feel the need to release.

See sometimes we cannot make life decisions effectively because we have so much clutter in our minds. In order to properly organize our lives in our head, we have to do some releasing and writing down our thoughts is a great way to do so.

I have this thing where I go to my yahoo email account and go to the notepad section where I made a tab called Diaries to write down my emotions! Each day that I find myself having thought after thought after thought, I go to that section and express what is on my mind. I do not over think it. I just type whatever comes to my mind at the moment.

I must admit that this makes me feel better. It makes me feel more organized. It allows me to see things more clearly. It opens my mind to unique ways of thinking. It is most def a stress reliever. I absolutely love this method!

I found it intriguing that one of my favorite YouTubers, Taren916 (check her out) made a video about the exact same thing that I started doing a couple of days previous to her posting with her best friend Millana on their page IHeartTandM.

Check them out above!

Words, Thoughts, and Deeds

Words + Thoughts + Deeds= Results. I got this Quote from an author that goes by the name of Iyanla Vanzant in her book called “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up”. She was right and so was the girls in this video Lebonandi and Makeda! These girls have inspired me over the last couple of weeks in so many ways.
They are young individuals in their early 20’s who are on a journey to a prosperous life filled with abundance, happiness, peace, joy and harmony! They have both written books in which they finished in a month!…………….DO YOU HEAR THAT???…….A MONTH! 
If that is not inspiration, then I do not know what is. They accomplished their dreams simply because they said it. They believed it and they took purposeful action in order to get it!
Well I am on that same path. I have a vision. I’m claiming it. I’m believing it and I’m taking action every day in order to get me to where I need to be in my life. 
Lets take at least one purposeful action every single day in order to lead us on our path to our true destiny. Remember small steps result into one big step further to your dreams!


Hi my fellow blog-nistas! I am new to this whole thing but it is something that I probably will be getting use to in the future! I decided to create this page because I find myself with hundreds of thoughts floating through this big head of mines often (lol). 
Right now in my life, I am going through a massive change. My words are different. My thoughts are different. My actions are different. My vision on life is all in all different from what it use to be! 
I am on a Spiritual journey to Life Freedom! You guys may ask, what in the heck is Life Freedom?? Well life freedom to me is just being. Being happy just because. Being grateful just because. Just simply being who you are and enjoying you in the present moment. 
I am on a path to a life that is filled with abundance, prosperity, happiness, peace, joy, and harmony and just decided to share my journey with whom ever may come into contact with this blog. You never know who you may inspire that is going through the same life situations as yourself, ya know!
So kick back and enjoy because this blog is all about  Words, Thoughts and Deeds, Which may result into Major RESULTS!!!!