Simply Believe

Today I woke up with an defeated attitude. A family member was getting on my nerves. I was highly aggravated and I had some concerns about my current relationship. My whole attitude was just off and on top of that my laptop went bad with a virus and got the blue screen of death!!!!!! (yikes)!!!!!!

I  started getting highly aggravated but something inside of me told me to calm down and pray and believe. I started praying. I told the lord that I currently do not have the funds to get a new laptop right now so I need for this laptop to work. I just talked and talked to him like he was one of my best friends. 

Usually if you get the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH on your computer, which is when all of your files go wrong and your computer shuts down to protect itself, (or least I think so) you have to take it to a professional if you are not a technology nerd. This situation happened to my last laptop and there was nothing that I could do about it. I just ended up purchasing a new laptop (my current one) because the keys were missing and the battery was dying on the old one anyway. I thought the same thing would happen with this laptop today also. 

I was like omg in my head but, something in me would not give up. I went to the recovery system option and it kept kicking me out. I just calmly kept trying. My battery is currently weak on my laptop so, it kept dying out but I kept trying. After about 2 hours of tussling with it I finally got in and the restore system started loading. It kept freezing up but I kept lightly tapping it and telling the lord that I know he's able. The restore system loaded fully and my computer was able to properly start. Boy was I happy (big smiley face), lol. 

The whole moral of this story is that when something is going wrong in your life don't let it frustrate you. Simply stay calm, believe, and know that God will work it out. Even though my situation was not a huge massive deal, it was big enough to allow me to see the bigger picture. It allowed me to have even a larger perspective on the power of believing. It opened me up to a broader understanding of the transformation from negative to positive thinking and what it can do. 

Believe, believe, believe, because that is what faith is all about!

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