Hi my fellow blog-nistas! I am new to this whole thing but it is something that I probably will be getting use to in the future! I decided to create this page because I find myself with hundreds of thoughts floating through this big head of mines often (lol). 
Right now in my life, I am going through a massive change. My words are different. My thoughts are different. My actions are different. My vision on life is all in all different from what it use to be! 
I am on a Spiritual journey to Life Freedom! You guys may ask, what in the heck is Life Freedom?? Well life freedom to me is just being. Being happy just because. Being grateful just because. Just simply being who you are and enjoying you in the present moment. 
I am on a path to a life that is filled with abundance, prosperity, happiness, peace, joy, and harmony and just decided to share my journey with whom ever may come into contact with this blog. You never know who you may inspire that is going through the same life situations as yourself, ya know!
So kick back and enjoy because this blog is all about  Words, Thoughts and Deeds, Which may result into Major RESULTS!!!!


  1. thanks for you sweet comment on my blog . l love to follow your blog . great words of wisdom and refreshing honesty.

  2. aww thanks! I followed your blog too. Its very interesting!