A State of Peace

Hi my fellow blog-nistas! I apologize for the fact that I have not been writing anything. Everything that I write comes straight from the heart. I want people to capture my true essences at the moment. I want people to feel the emotions that I am feeling. Be able to see, in their minds, the picture that I am trying to paint through my words. These last couple of weeks for me, have most definitely been a growing spurt in every aspect of my life. I wanted to write what I was experiencing in the moment, but at times it was very hard to put what I was feeling into words, being that these feelings were new to me.

Now, that I have begun to get my thoughts into order, I must say that these experiences that I have been experiencing have been AMAZING! As I have mentioned in previous post, I completed Shanel Cooper Sykes classes and it was a wake up call for me. You can visit her website at: http://www.shanelcoopersykes.com/main/vyv_broadcast.php or you can watch her videos at:
http://www.youtube.com/shanelcooper. This woman is TRULY AMAZING! She had a 7 day Valuable Woman Challenge, which included different topics that women in the modern age could use to increase their value as a woman or a person period! 

The first day was about the mindset. If you change your mindset, you can change your entire world from the inside as well as out. The second day was about the spirituality of a woman. Nothing can get done without having the all and mighty God in our lives. The third day was all about beauty. Its good to be a good person on the inside but your beauty from within should also reflect on the outside. Your appearance is a key factor of how you feel on the inside. The forth day was all about the Domestic Goddess within us. Your growth in every aspect of your life starts in your HOME. If your home is not taken care of, then that means your life isn't taken care of. The fifth day was all about finances. You cannot be a woman of value without money. All though money is not everything, its a tool to getting you to where you need to be in this life and in this society, therefore, you must have it. The sixth day was about men! In order to get the quality man you want, you must possess those qualities yourself. Last but not least, the seventh day was all about purpose! You must always live your life in purpose. Every individual down to every material possession in your life must be purposeful.

Those seven days were really an eye opener for me. I really worked on changing my mindset because without doing that the other six days would have been worthless. My relationship with God has grown each and every moment after that. I am now experiencing a life filled with more peace, love, happiness, abundance and prosperity. Things begin to happen in my life that I did not expect and I begin to see things from a different perspective. 

Although, I will admit that everyday is not easy, I can honestly say that my thoughts have increased in positivity in such a major way. One thing that I have realized over these past couple of weeks is that, we can choose the way that we view things. I mean we all know this, but how many of us actually take the time to actually let that statement soak in and begin to live by it. Even when things appear to be negative in our lives, we still can choose peace because to be honest, that is the only way that our lives will truly be able to get better. I've never heard of negative thinking making anyone's life better. Have you?

I have decided to choose a life filled with peace, happiness, and joy. Although I know that there will be times where challenging situations will pop up in my life, I also understand that I can remain in a state of peace. NO ONE OR NO SITUATION CAN TAKE AWAY YOUR INNER PEACE UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT!  That is a statement most definitely worth remembering!


It Aint Over Yet!!!

This video made me shed some tears. Sometimes we look at other people and wonder why their lives is so much better than ours or "appear" to be better than ours. We think God has given up on us and that only "certain" people are blessed but we must remember that everything happens for a reason! God works on his time so that his time will be perfect for our time. Every blessing that we received comes at the right moment. We to shall have our moment in life too :)