Closer, and Closer to him

Last night was about "The Power in the P" with Shanel Cooper Sykes. Check out my last post if you want the link to her website so that you can join her 7 day Valuable Woman Challenge. She talked about how the most powerful women are always on their knees in PRAYER! Tonight she will be talking "Beauty". So I think that this topic will be very interesting. She will also be showing a UK replay of last nights topic on spirituality at 3:00pm eastern time today, so go to her site and register so that you want miss it because there will be no replays unless you pay afterwards! ITS FREE!! All of her info is in my last post! Check it out!

Moving along, last night was a powerful class. It made me realize that even though I have been getting closer to God, my relationship with him is not as strong as I would like it to be. We talked about the steps to understanding spirituality and how God works. The first step was about WORDS and how we are always speaking things into existence. Its a form of prayer because that is how powerful they are. Our words can carry positive or negative energy and if the words coming out of our mouth is negative 90 percent of the time then our lives, most likely are negative. I elaborate on that more in my previous post so check it out!

The next step was FAITH. She explained how so many people think that faith is about asking God for something and just sitting back waiting while doing nothing to help themselves. Well faith is more than that. GOD MOVES WHEN WE MOVE. Although I had already known this, I realized that I'm not moving enough in order for God to use me like I would like. I now understand what it is that I have to do in order to get myself together so that I can be a vessel for God. 

I understand that I need to start telling God what it is that I am going to do in order to get to where I need to go and when he understands that I am taking purposeful action he can use people and situations to get me to where I need to go. So many people think that a light bulb is going to go off in their heads and soon all their problems will go away immediately and the answers will fall down like a striking light. It does not always work in that way. God works through people and circumstances, so you have to make yourself aware of your surroundings so that you can know your blessings when they come. 

We elaborated on INTUITION. That small voice inside of us that keeps telling us the answers to all of our questions but, most of us refuse to listen. We listen to everyone else around us though!! They give us all of this advice that sounds so great but we fail to realize that most of these people are in no position to give out advice because their lives are just as jacked up as ours!!! We have to learn to quiet ourselves, be still and listen.  Meditating is a great way to do this. God is always speaking to us. We just have to listen and stop talking and looking for answers outside of us. 

Some of the other steps were keeping our physical bodies and space clean. God can not move through uncleanliness! Your body and house should be clean. Another step was connecting with nature. We are all one with the universe, so going outside to enjoy the weather and suck up the air is not only a major stress reliever but  a way to easily connect with God. 

The number one way (according to Shanel) to connect with God is through LOVE of self and then love of others. Love is the highest vibration in the universe. God is love. When you operate out of love your life will be better. Most of us operate off of fear and although fear is a powerful vibration, it will never exceed or be as strong as the vibration of LOVE!

We have to first love self. We love self just as we love others, by listening to ourselves, inspiring self. and taking care of self. That way our love will overflow into the lives of others and also influence them. You also attract more good things into your life through love. When operating off of fear or any other vibration, it is hard to attract things that we want but, when you raise that vibration closer to love, you attract more. 

Shanel closed her teachings up with a few statements before opening up the chat lines for questions! She stated that we should always be real when coming to God. We should talk to him like we are talking to our home girls on the phone. Let him know what is really going on with us. Do NOT be afraid. We have to think of God as our business partner because truthfully he is the only partner that will be with us for life and your life is YOUR BUSINESS. So handle it with God FIRST and not others who have their own path! 

We should also be opened to knowledge. Although we have much respect and gratitude towards our preachers, love ones, and etc, we should not let our knowledge of  God stop because he has no limits. Do NOT just put him in a box! He is more than that. 

I know he is to me and I realize that he is my number one source in this entire universe. I pray for him to use me until he cant use me anymore! He has a purpose for us all and we should make it our life goals to fulfill those positions!

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