Is Separation the Key for Negative Family Members??

I am on a certain path in my life. I'm at a point where I am aiming to find my place here on earth. My soul yearns to reach a certain destiny and I am at the point where I am letting NOTHING get in my way. That includes certain family members.

See, sometimes we can love our family members to death but, if their beliefs and way of life does not align with yours, you might have to cut them off for a sec while you get yourself together, and then get back to them after your house is in order!

There are certain family members of mine (close ones at that) whom I love so dearly but, their negative attitude and behavior have caused me to distant myself mentally. I am currently in a position where I cannot as of yet distant myself physically but, I am at the point where I am heavily thinking about doing so when I am able.

For me this is a very complicated situation. One of the most complicated situations in my life that I have been in as of yet! It burdens my heart when the ones that is suppose to love me the most does not inspire, encourage, or support my dreams or aspirations. The ones that is suppose to have my back to the end are the ones who discourage and down me the most. The ones whom I am suppose to trust the most is the ones who I distrust more than a stranger, because they go behind my back and stab it while ringing the knife around in it. 

Although this situation has been very painful, I am now in a healing process. Like I said in my previous post about forgiveness, you cannot put to much trust in another human being, because you are putting them in a God like position when this is done! This also includes family.  Although their family may not be perfect, few people tend to have a pretty close knit bond and understanding with their family but, for most, this is not the reality. 

Although very painful several of us have to come to the understanding that sometimes family will hurt you more than any stranger out in the streets could ever do. We have to come to the conclusion that sometimes, you cant change people. People have to want change for themselves and when that includes family, we have to learn to forgive, move on, and realize that everyone have their own life path where they must learn. 

I think the biggest lesson out of this situation for me is that the only person who I can depend on in this life is God and myself. You cannot always depend on others to back you in your situations. You cannot always depend on others to inspire you and you sure as heck cannot always depend on others to love you the way that you want to be loved. So with that being said, you must learn to love self, depend on self and know that God will have your back to the end of it all!

If you are in a position where there is no reasonable solution, then separating yourself for a while and going through a healing process may be the only option. I would tell no one to abandon their love ones unless the situation involved physical abuse (such as sexual assaults, beatings etc), but I will say that sometimes you do have to separate yourself from certain situations for a while. Just to get you in order because constant beating downs of the mental can leave you feeling so low and dry. When being in a position like that, there is little room for positive solutions. 

I feel myself having to do this if things do not change with certain family members of mines. Yes it will be hard and I know that their is a big chance that guilt may sneak in, but I know that in order for me to better myself and reach my destiny, this might be what I have to do. It will be a tough decision but I feel like it will be best. It might also teach those certain love ones that they cannot go around treating others like this because it may result in them losing people who actually care for them.

Take a stand by loving you first because no one, besides God is going to love you better than what you feel for yourself!


  1. Everyone has their own story to share and what makes us all come together as bloggers is that we can relate to it. you said it best in your sentence when you said: "Although their family may not be perfect, few people tend to have a pretty close knit bond and understanding with their family but, for most, this is not the reality". I understand what you are saying/ where you are coming from. I had to take some time for myself and cater to me. Without going into a lot of details I hope this helped a little.. Loved your last sentence...


  2. aww thanks. Yes. I have to take some time away from my family if things do not change. I love them to death but I have to get me straight first. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it:)